IAU Symposium 300 Proceedings Papers


The IAU Symposium 300 Proceedings will be made available both in book form and electronically. For the Proceedings, authors must use the style-files provided by the IAU Publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP). Style files and Instructions for Authors can be found at: Detailed instructions are in the “readme_authors_2010” file.

The page limit goals allocated for the Proceedings are:

  • Invited (Oral) Reviews: 10-8 pages
  • Oral Contributed Talks: 4 pages
  • Posters: 2 pages.

The contract with CUP stipulates that Proceedings will be published six months after the Symposium. CUP needs three months for the production process, leaving the three months right after the Symposium for the Editors to complete their task. Thus, the S300 Proceedings' Editors request that all Authors either email or upload their completed manuscripts to them before the Symposium or email or upload the manuscripts within one/two months after the end of the Symposium. Please note, this means we will not be able to accept any manuscripts for publication after September 15th 2013.

Your article should be submitted electronically to .

Only articles received via  as indicated above within the aforementioned dates will be considered for publication.

Please send the Latex  and any EPS files (e.g. figures), as well as the resulting PDF file, in ONLY ONE compressed file (tar and gzip compression are preferred) starting with the first author's last name followed by a dash and a number (1, 2, etc.) in case you are submitting more than one paper, e.g.: malherbe-1.tar.gz or malherbe-1.tgz

A few useful notes:

  • The cost of the proceedings book is included in your registration fee, so all participants will receive a copy free of charge. Therefore, we will need your complete and accurate mailing address. Please make sure that the LOC has it! On-line access from CUP will be made available to authors for 18 months, after which copies of the Proceedings papers will be transferred to the ADS.

  • When available, question and answers (as they appear in the Q&A forms collected during the Symposium) will be added at the end of each article.

  • Be sure to include keywords that will be used for the subject index, etc.

  • Color figures will be free for the electronic version of the proceedings, but not for the printed version (book). Therefore, if you have included a color figure in your paper and do not wish to pay the relevant color-figure charges (500- pounds sterling (GBP) per color page), you should make sure that the figure will reproduce well in black-and-white.

  • If you have other questions about your paper, please contact one of the editors: ; Shi Wu (

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