The latin quarter, where the conference venue is located generally does not have large hotels but rather numerous small hotels. The conference organizers therefore do not provide any pre-booked accommodation. Participants shall arrange their accomodation by themselves. 

Paris, as one of the main international destination for tourism possess an important network of hotels covering a wide range of prices and services. June being a peak of the touristic season, we strongly advise participants to book hotel as early as possible.

For easier access to the conference venue, we recommend participants  to choose hotels either, in the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement, usually more expensive), in the "Denfert-Rochereau" area (14th arrondissement), in the "Montparnasse area" (6th, 14th & 15th arrondissement)  or along the RER B line such as the "Gare du Nord" area (which usually present cheaper accomodations).

Participants can use standard internet hotel reservation services such as  "" or "" to find accomodation.

Bellow are list of hotels at which some visitors of the Paris or Meudon observatory have stayed at previously. We list them as suggestions only.

Hotels in the "Latin Quarter":

Hotel near "Denfert Rochereau":

Hotel near "Montparnasse":

More complete list of hotels in the "Latin Quarter", "Montparnasse" and "Eiffel Tower" neighborhoods (list done in 2008 and possibly outdated):


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