The conference fees amounts to 350 Euros. They include acces to the conference venue, a copie of the conference proceedings book,  three lunches, and the conference dinner (see social program).

The Deadline for payment is April 27th, 2013.

The conference fees are waived for participants who have obtained financial support. These participants have received a letter/email of confirmation. They do not need to follow the payment steps below.

Other participants must follow the guidelines below. The payment can be done only by credit card or by "Bon de Commande" (only for French laboratory), therefore it will be very difficult to pay the fees in the Ecole Chimie. We encourage you  to start the procedure on time.


Guidelines for payment by participants

Step 1: Log in the payment page. Click on "Register" and then on "Pre-registration". This pre-registration on the payment webpage is different from the registration on the (present) conference website.  Fill the forms in order to obtain a validation by the webmaster.

Step 2: Wait for an email of validation from our webmaster (this can take several days).

Step 3: Log in the payment page again. Click on "Register" and on "Confirm a pre-registration". Participants must pay the "Participants fees". Complete the information regarding the billing.

Step 4: Payment can be done by credit card through the secured website. Participants paid by a French Laboratory must not use credit card and have to pay using a  "Bon de commande".


Payment of the conference dinner for accompanying persons.

The payment of the dinner fees (100 euros) for accompanying person can be done in two ways:

Simultaneously with the payment of a participant: When a participant is paying its own conference fees, the participant can add as an extra the fees of the dinner for an accompanying person. Both the participant registration fees (350 euros) and the accompanying person fees (100 euros) will be billed together, hence for a total of 450 euros.

Independently: Accompanying person can pay the dinner fees directly on the payment webpage. They have to follow the same procedure than participants as detailed above. The only difference is that, at step 3, they will have to select "Accompanying person" as a fee category. They will then be able the pay the 100 euros fees for the cost dinner with a credit card.



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