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Effect of shear flow on damping of linear non-adiabatic MHD waves in a prominence medium.
Nagendra Kumar  1@  , Anil Kumar  2@  , Pradeep Kumar  3@  , Himanshu Sikka  2@  
1 : M.M.H. College
Ghaziabad, U.P. -  India
2 : Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Technology
Rohini, Sec-22, New Delhi -  India
3 : K.G.K (P.G.), College
Moradabad -  India

We study the effect of shear flow on the damping of linear non-adiabatic magnetoacoustic waves in slab like solar prominences. We consider a homogeneous, isothermal and unbounded medium permeated by a uniform magnetic field. The adiabaticity is removed by including the optically thin radiative losses, thermal conduction and heating term in energy equation. The initial flow is assumed to be directed along x axis of the slab and vary linearly in z axis. We obtain a dispersion relation for MHD waves and solve it numerically to study the time damping of these waves. It is found that shear flow influences the time damping of magnetoacoustic waves.

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