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Friday 14
Session IV Instrumentation, Missions and Techniques
Chairman: Valentin Martinez Pillet
› 10:00 - 10:15 (15min)
The IRIS mission - prospects for prominence and filament science
Mats Carlsson  1@  
1 : Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo  (ITA)  -  Website
P.O. Box 1029 Blindern N-0315 Oslo -  Norway

The Interface Regiion Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) is a NASA Small explorer satellite to be launched May 18 2013. The satellite is taylored to study the solar chromosphere and transition region with high spatial (0.3"), spectral (28-55 mA) and temporal (10s) resolution in three wavelength bands (1332-1358, 1381-1407, 2783-2834 A). These bands include the Mg II h and k lines and C II lines formed in the chromosphere, Si IV and O IV lines formed in the transition region and hotter lines visible only in flares. In this talk focus will be on the instrument characteristics and the initial observing plan and the prospects for prominence and filament science.

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