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Kappa-distributions and the Temperature Structure of the Prominence-Corona Transition Region
Elena Dzifcakova  1@  , Simon Mackovjak  1, 2, *@  , Petr Heinzel  1, *@  
1 : Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Fričova 298, 251 65 Ondřejov -  Czech Republic
2 : DAPEM, Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Computer Science, Comenius University
Mlynská Dolina F2, 842 48 Bratislava -  Slovakia
* : Corresponding author

A strong gradient of temperature and density in the prominence-corona transition region (PCTR) can form the non-Maxwellian electron distribution with an enhanced number of particles in the high energy tail – the kappa distribution. We have investigated the influence of these kapa-distributions on DEM of PCTR derived from observed line intensities. Generally, the kappa distributions influence both the ionization and excitation equlibrium. The ionization peaks are wider and shifted in the comparison with the Maxwellian distribution. Important consequence of kappa-distribution presence is formation of the emision lines in much wider temperature ranges. This behavior infuences also the shapes of DEM. They are flatter than for the Maxwellian distribution. The line contribution functions and emission in AIA bands were calculated for the kappa-distributions in PCTR. The implications for formation temperature of observed AIA band emissions are discussed.

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