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Tuesday 11
Session I-1.2 Prominence Plasma
Chairman: Petr Heinzel
› 9:30 - 10:00 (30min)
On the nature of the prominence corona transition region
Susanna Parenti  1@  
1 : Royal Observatory of Belgium - STCE  -  Website
Brussels -  Belgium

The Prominence-Corona-Transition-Region (PCTR) interfaces the cool and dense prominence with the hot and less dense corona. The PCTR, as observed for a prominence at the limb, is bright in the UV band and shows a fine scale dynamics. Having this interface role it contributes to the stability of the whole structure.

In this talk I will review the main observational properties of the PCTR. I will highlight the new advances as derived from recent data and point out the observational limitations still to be overcome.

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