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Wednesday 12
Session II-2.1 Prominence destabilization, CMEs, 3D reconstructions
Chairman: Nandita Srivastava
› 18:15 - 18:30 (15min)
An estimate of the contribution of blowout jets to the solar wind mass and energy
Giannina Poletto  1, *@  , Alphonse Sterling  2@  , Stefano Pucci  3@  , Marco Romoli  3@  
1 : INAF - Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory
Largo Fermi, 5 50125 FIRENZE -  Italy
2 : Space Science Office, NASA/MSFC
Huntsville, Al 35812 -  United States
3 : University of Firenze
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. Largo Fermi, 2 50125 Firenze -  Italy
* : Corresponding author

Blowout jets constitute about 50% of the total number of X-ray jets observed in coronal holes. In these events, the base magnetic loop is supposed to blow open in what is a scaled-down representation of two-ribbon flares that accompany major coronal mass ejections (CMEs): indeed, miniature CMEs resulting from blowout jets have been observed. This raises the question of the possible contribution of this class of events to the solar wind mass and energy flux. 

Here we make a first crude evaluation of the mass contributed to the wind and of the energy budget of the jet and related miniature CME, under the assumption that small-scale events behave as their large-scale analogs. This hypothesis allow us to adopt the same relationship between flare and CME parameters that have been shown to hold in regular events, thus inferring the values of the mass and kinetic energy of the miniature CMEs, currently not available from observations.

We conclude our work estimating the mass flux from the jets and miniature CMEs, as well as the energy budget of the blowout jet and CME, and giving a crude evaluation of the role possibly played by these events in supplying the mass and energy that feeds the solar wind.



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