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Featuring dark coronal structures: physical signatures of filaments and coronal holes for automated recognition
Judith Palacios  1, *@  , Consuelo Cid  1@  , Elena Saiz  1@  , Yolanda Cerrato  1@  , Antonio Guerrero  1@  
1 : University of Alcala  (UAH)
University Campus, A-2 km 33,600; 28871 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. SPAIN -  Spain
* : Corresponding author

Filaments may be mistaken for coronal holes when observed at extreme ultraviolet (EUV) images; however, a closer and more careful look reveals that their photometric properties are different. The combination of EUV images with photospheric magnetograms shows some characteristic differences between filaments and coronal holes. We have performed analyses with 7 different AIA wavelengths (94, 131, 171, 211, 193, 304, 335) and HMI magnetograms obtained in September 2011 and March 2012 to study coronal holes and filaments from the photometric, magnetic, and also geometric point of view, since projection effects play an important role on the aforementioned traits.

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